Program Fees

“Program Fees” means additional amounts charged to students in select degree programs within colleges, schools or departments, including honors colleges or programs, that demonstrate one or more of the following: higher costs of delivering instruction; the need for or use of special equipment, technology, or key personnel expenses; market conditions.

Information for Program Fee Proposals

The University of Arizona is currently transitioning to a new undergraduate college fee model to meet the ABOR FY25 policy requirements. More information to come in November 2023.

*Beginning with FY25, ABOR's tuition and fee setting process will be switched to meet annually in November to review tuition and academic fee proposals.

2024-2025 Graduate Program Fees

Program Fee proposals for undergraduate programs will NOT be accepted.

To request a new or modify an existing Graduate Program Fee, the ABOR form needs to be completed and attached to the UAccess request. If you submit the online form without this attachment, you must email a completed copy to the University Fees Manager.

Path to UAccess request: UAccess Student> Navigator> Student Financials> Tuition and Fees> UA University Fees> UA Prgm and Diff Tuit Req.


PFDT Process Diagram

UAccess PFDT Request

ABOR Form for NEW Program Fee Requests

ABOR Form for CHANGE to Existing Program Fee Requests

New Academic Programs Requiring a Program Fees

Units that would like to establish a new academic major with a program fee also need to complete and submit the ABOR forms listed above. This additional form is to be submitted in addition to the New Program Forms.  More information about proposing a new program can be found in the Curricular Affairs section of this website.