Differential Tuition

“Differential Tuition” means tuition that is higher or lower than the Published Tuition established for each university campus or location and applies to all graduate or undergraduate academic programs in a college or school.

Additional Information

Only graduate and professional programs can submit differential tuition (DT) proposals. Proposals for new DTs or changes to existing ones need to be submitted to us no later than July 1, 2024, for consideration. Fees approved at the next Fall meeting will take effect in Summer 2025, Fall 2025, or Spring 2026. Any term before the previously mentioned are no longer available for fee implementation.

*ABOR meets in November each year to approve tuition and fees for the next academic year, including new fees and those exceeding the allotted growth rate.

New or Above Growth Rates Requests

To request a new or increase exceeding the ABOR approved growth rates complete the UAccess PFDT Request form and attach the related ABOR Forms. If you have any issues with the online form or questions, contact University Fees

The path to the UAccess request is UAccess Student> Navigator> Student Financials> Tuition and Fees> UA University Fees> UA Prgm and Diff Tuit Req.

Modification to Existing Fees

To request a modification to an existing fee that does not exceed the ABOR-approved growth rates, complete the Academic Fee Request form and attach the required documents.

If you have any issues with the online form or questions, contact the University Fees