Differential Tuition

“Differential Tuition” means tuition that is higher or lower than the base tuition established for each university campus or location and applies to all graduate or undergraduate academic programs in a college or school.

The University will assess administrative service charge to recover overhead costs incurred by the University. The revenues generated from the Administrative Service Charge (ASC) are used specifically to support overhead costs and administrative services that benefit the entire University, but are not easily assignable to any one unit. Examples include utilities, payroll processing, human resources, information technology, budgeting and procurement.

For more information on Fees, Proposal, and Setting policies visit the ABOR Policies section of this website.

Information for Differential Tuition Requests

Pending approval of the Arizona Board of Regents and  University of Arizona preliminary review, requests for new Differential Tuition or changes to existing Differential Tuition need to be submitted to us no later than December 1, 2022, for consideration. Fees approved at the next spring meeting will take effect in Summer 2023, Fall 2023, or Spring 2024. Any term before the previously mentioned are no longer available for fee implementation.

ABOR meets in April of each year to approve tuition and fees for the next academic year.

NEW - Fee Extension is a request for extending an existing ABOR approved fee to other student populations for the same purpose, same fee amount or less. For instance, extending main campus program fees to Online, Distance & Continuing Education (ODCE).

PFDT Process Diagram

2023-2024 Differential Tuition Proposal Forms

The ABOR form needs to be completed and attached to the UAccess request. If you submit the online form without this attachment, you must email a completed copy to the University Fees Manager.

Path to UAccess request: UAccess Student> Navigator> Student Financials> Tuition and Fees> UA University Fees> UA Prgm and Diff Tuit Req.

UAccess PFDT Request

ABOR Form for NEW Differential Tuition Request

ABOR Form for CHANGE to Existing Differential Tuition Request