University Fees

There is currently a moratorium on new academic fees or changes to existing academic fees during the current cycle for introduction in AY23‐24.

The University of Arizona charges additional fees approved by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) to enhance the students’ learning experiences for specific courses and academic programs. The University Fees website includes links to the ABOR policies and definitions regarding these fees, listings of the fees*, general information, and forms for proposing fees.

*Because of timing the listing of fees may not show some fees pending approval at the time of priority registration in the Spring semester, ABOR's tuition and fee setting meeting is scheduled annually on the second week of April to approve future program fees, differential tuition, course fees, and other academic fees, which is after priority registration opens.

Academic Fees

Consist of mandatory, program, course, and other academic fees levied as a result of enrollment as a student in the university, in a program of the university, or in a course offered by the university.

Differential Tuition

Tuition that is higher or lower than the base tuition established for each university and applies to all graduate or undergraduate academic programs in a college, school, or campus.

Program Fees

Additional amounts charged to students in select degree programs within colleges, schools, or departments, including honors colleges or programs, that demonstrate one or more of the following: higher costs of delivering instruction; the need for or use of special equipment, technology, or key personnel expenses; market conditions.

Course Fees

Additional charges for specific classes or courses that have demonstrably higher costs of delivering instruction overall because of the need for or use of special equipment, supplies, technology, key personnel expenses, field trips, or other costs approved by the board.

Mandatory Fees

Means fees charged to students for a specific purpose, activity or service. Mandatory fees can be university wide or differentiated by campus location, delivery-method, enrollment level, or other criteria approved by the board. All mandatory fees must be approved by the board.


Other Academic Fees

Other Academic Fees Levied as a Result of Enrollment are additional charges for special purposes that have demonstrably higher costs, such as administrative, orientations, penalty charges, etc.

Non-Academic Fees

User fees levied not as the result of enrollment as a student in the university, in a program of the university, or in a class offered by the university. Examples include parking, entry, extracurricular, graduation, copy, and other administrative fees.

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