Other Academic Fees

Other Academic Fees are additional charges levied as a result of enrollment. They cover particular purposes with demonstrably higher costs, such as administrative, orientations, penalty charges, etc. The current ABOR approved Other Academic Fees can be found here.

*Beginning with FY25, ABOR meets in November of each year to approve tuition and academic fees for the next academic year for those fees that are new or exceed the allotted growth rate.

Additional Information

As a general rule, requests applied to all categories of students should come through the Office of the Provost for preliminary review (e.g., all international students, all undergraduate applicants, all MBA applicants, etc.)

The list below is not final, and any fee is subject to proper classification between Academic or Non-academic by the Office of the Provost or ABOR. If you want to determine the appropriate type of fee, please get in touch with our office.

Other fees charged to students that ordinarily need ABOR approval are:

  • Specific Student Population Fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Application fees
  • Candidacy fees
  • Orientation fees
  • Various student fees (Career Services)

You must complete the form(s) below and email a completed copy to the University Fees Manager. Please attach any supporting documentation.

Process Diagram