2021-2022 ABOR Approved Other Academic Fees


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Administrative Unit


Account Number

Fee Amount

 Summer fee amount


Enrollment Management - Increased Freshmen Enrollment Fee 2446401 $450 N/A PDF
Enrollment Management - Increased Transfer Enrollment Fee 2604190 $175 N/A PDF
Student Success & Retention Innovation / Student Engagement & Career Development Student Support Fee 2670416


($50 - Transfer Students)

Student Success & Retention Innovation New Start Program 2477701 N/A $250 PDF
Digitial Learning iCourse Fee 2495100 $50 N/A PDF
UA Global Study Arizona 2490010 $625 N/A PDF
ASUA Wildcat Event Board 2651400 $5 N/A PDF


All amounts shown in the fees list or in other University publications or web pages represent fees as currently approved. However, The University of Arizona reserves the right to increase or modify fees without prior notice, upon approval by the Arizona Board of Regents or as otherwise consistent with Board policy and to make such modifications applicable to students enrolled at UA at that time as well as to incoming students. In addition, all  fees are subject to change at any time for correction of errors. Finally, please note that fee amounts billed for any period may be adjusted at a future date. To learn more about fees specific to campus or careers visit the Fees Schedule site.

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