Micro-Credential Approval Process

This is not a credit bearing credential

Micro-credentials verify, validate, and attest specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved and are endorsed by the issuing institution, having been developed through established faculty governance processes and designed to be meaningful and high quality.

Departments seeking to submit a micro-credential for review and approval should view the Proposal prior to beginning the process to prevent delays. Colleges are required to complete reviews to validate necessity and earning criteria. Lead administrator approval within the department is needed prior to submission. For questions regarding the process contact the Alternative Credentials Coordinator, Erin Riesgo.

  1. Decision to submit a micro-credential is made within the unit
    1. Confirm micro-credential does not exist and is not in competition with another micro-credential.
    2. Is the micro-credential relevant to the workforce and learners? Yes, proceed with submission. 
  2. Submit Micro-Credential Proposal by faculty / staff via Adobe Signature
    1. Send to department head (first signature) and micro-credential governance, badge@arizona.edu (second/final signature) for approval 
  3. Review Process   
    1. Monthly review by committee  
    2. Allow up to 2 weeks from the review date for review to be completed  
    3. Approval > OTR Alternative Credential Coordinator (ACC) updates Canvas Credentials with new offering
    4. OTR ACC communicates approval to submitter and notifies unit party to update offering site  
    5. Cc: Office of the Registrar and Office of Undergraduate Education or Graduate College, as necessary 
    6. Unit party disseminates communication to college faculty/staff of new micro-credential  
  4. Implementation of Micro-credential  
  5. Unit tracks credential participation and progress as identified on Proposal  
  6. Awarding of micro-credential badge  
  7. Minimum criteria of 80% required to achieve Micro-Credential  
    1. Faculty/Staff sends grade to program administrator signifying completion of micro-credential  
    2. Program administrator issues badge through Canvas Credentials, sends link to student
    3. Program administrator sends grades and confirmation of badge issue to OTR ACC

 For information regarding Canvas Credentials visit InTech.arizona.edu.