Academic Committees

The University of Arizona practices shared governance in approving academic curricula and policies. Prior to implementation, academic proposals are subject to campus- and, in most cases, state-level review. Governing committees generally meet once per month, September through May, thus the approval process may take anywhere from four months to a year to complete.

NOTE: ABOR must approval all new academic programs/organizations before they may be announced or implemented.

Arizona Board of Regents - Academic & Student Affairs Committee

Academic & Student Affairs Committee Meeting Dates

The Academic & Student Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the ABOR and assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight of the university system’s academic programs, strategic academic plans, student learning, transfer articulation and related activities.

Source: Arizona Board of Regents

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Meeting Dates

The General Faculty has fundamental responsibilities in the areas of academic personnel policy; instruction and curriculum policy; research policy; student affairs policy; ethics and commitment; advice on budget and University support; and acts on such other matters affecting the welfare of the University as are brought for consideration in accordance with University policy and Shared Governance Guidelines and Agreements as may be entered into from time to time.

Source: Faculty Senate

College Academic Administrators Council (CAAC)

CAAC is comprised of associate/assistant deans representing each college. Action by CAAC is prerequisite to inclusion of the proposal on the Provost’s Council agenda.

Provost's Council

The Provost's Council is comprised of the Provost's leadership team and generally meets weekly.

Graduate Council

Graduate Council Meeting Dates

The Graduate Council provides a forum in which matters of concern to graduate education may be discussed and the mission of the Graduate College fulfilled. The Graduate Council works with the Graduate College to review, establish, and update policies affecting graduate education. The Graduate Council is the shared-governance body for graduate education and is part of the Faculty Senate.

Source: Graduate Council


Undergraduate Council (UGC)

Undergraduate Council Meeting Dates

The Undergraduate Council is a university-wide committee that participates in the shared governance process at the University of Arizona. The Undergraduate Council reviews all undergraduate curricular action items forwarded from its two subcommittees, the Academic Programs Subcommittee and the Curriculum & Policies Subcommittee.

Source: Undergraduate Council

University-wide General Education Committee (UWGEC)

UWGEC Meeting Dates

The Faculty Senate established the University-wide General Education Committee in December 1995. The Committee is composed of representatives from all colleges offering undergraduate programs, as well as representation from the Foundations programs – English Composition, Mathematics and Second Language – and areas directly involved in General Education: students, professional academic advisors, university library, transfer curriculum & articulation, assessment and enrollment management.

Source: University-wide General Education Committee

University-wide General Education Committee (UWGEC)