UGC Agenda - February 13, 2024

Meeting in Person - ENR2 S215

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes from the UGC Meeting on January 9, 2024 – Holly Nelson, Chair
  3. Reports:
    1. Academic Administration Report - Greg Heileman, Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education
    2. Arizona Online Report – Caleb Simmons, Executive Director for Online Education
    3. Distance, Continuing Education Report – Carla Holloway, Executive Director for Distance and Continuing Education and Tanya Hodges, Senior Region Manager, Yuma and Executive Director for Business Initiatives, Economic, & Grant Development
    4. Advising Resource Center/ Advising Community Report – Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Advising
    5. Registrar's Report - Alex Underwood, Registrar
    6. University-wide General Education Committee Report – Jeremy Vetter, UWGEC Chair
    7. Subcommittees:
      1. Academic Programs Subcommittee report on January 24, 2024 – Lisa Rezende, Chair
      2. Curriculum & Policies Subcommittee report on January 24, 2024 – Joost Van Haren, Chair
    8. UGC Report – Holly Nelson, Chair
  4. Consent Agenda Items – Lisa Rezende, Chair
    1. New Minor: Political Science (SBS)
    2. Modification: Political Science with an emphasis on Foreign Affairs (SBS)
    3. Name Change: B.A. in Political Science, Foreign Affairs (subplan) (SBS)
    4. Name Change: B.S. in Public Management and Policy (SBS)
    5. New Minor: Teaching Online by Design (Education)
  5. Informational Items:
    1. Disestablishment: Minor in Government and Public Policy (SBS)
    2. Disestablishment: B.A. in Political Science, Comparative Politics emphasis (SBS)
    3. Disestablishment: B.A. in Political Science, Ideas and Methods emphasis (SBS)
    4. Disestablishment: B.A. in Political Science, International Relations emphasis (SBS)
  6. Items for Discussion and vote:
    1. Curriculum & Policies Subcommittee - Joost Van Haren, Chair
      1. Undergraduate Certificate and Multiple Use of Courses
        1. The current polices
    2. New Minor: Semiconductor Manufacturing (Engineering)
    3. Updates to the Bylaws (draft)
  7. Meeting Adjournment