Council Members

A.Y. 2021-2022 Undergraduate Council - Voting Members

Voting Members- Responsibilities of UGC Membership

Name title Term Ends represents phone email Subcommittee voting member
Michelle Berry Assistant Professor of Practice, Gender and Women's Studies 2024 Social and Behavioral Sciences 621-0911 Curriculum & Policies Yes
Molly Bolger Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology 2022 UGC Chair 621-7157 Rotating Yes*
Jennifer Church-Duran Department Head, Student Learning and Engagement
Associate Librarian
2022 UA Libraries 621-4613 Academic Programs Yes
Joan Curry Professor, Environmental Science 2022 University-Wide General Education Committee 626-5081 Curriculum & Policies Yes
Leslie Dennis Professor, Public Health 2022 Public Health 626-6408 Curriculum & Policies Yes
Jennifer Donahue Associate Professor, Africana Studies 2024 Humanities 621-5665 Academic Programs Yes
Melissa Goldsmith Clinical Associate Professor 2022 Nursing 626-6756 Academic Programs Yes
Jim Hunt Associate Professor of Practice, Family and Consumer Sciences 2022 General Petitions Committee (Co-Chair) 626-3631 Curriculum & Policies Yes
Kelly Leslie Associate Professor, Art 2024 Fine Arts 621-1613 Academic Programs Yes
Shujuan Li Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture 2024 Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture 621-1004 Academic Programs Yes
Todd Lutes Associate Professor, Government and Public Service 2023 Applied Science & Technology 626-2422 Academic Programs Yes
Sydney Mathis ASUA Senator 2022 Associated Students of UA Academic Programs Yes
Moe Momayez Associate Professor, Mining & Geological Engineering 2022 Engineering 621-6580 Curriculum & Policies Yes
Holly Nelson Associate Professor of Practice, Disability and Psychoeducational Studies 2023 Education 621-7822 Academic Programs Yes
Lisa Rezende Associate Professor of Practice, Molecular and Cellular Biology 2024 Science 621-9729 Academic Programs Yes
Amber Rice Assistant Professor of Agricultural Educatio 2023 Agriculture & Life Sciences 294-6137 Curriculum & Policies Yes
Caleb Simmons(1) Associate Professor, Religious Studies / Classics 2022 General Petitions Committee (Co-Chair) 621-1689 Curriculum & Policies Yes
Claudia Stanescu Assistant Professor, Physiology 2022 Physiology 621-2795 Curriculum & Policies Chair Yes
Jordan-Isaiah Toyos ASUA Senator 2022 Associated Students of UA Curriculum & Policies Yes
Richard Vaillancourt Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology 2022 Pharmacy 626-4374 Curriculum & Policies Yes
Joost Van Haren Assistant Research Professor, Soil/Water and Environmental Science 2022 Honors 626-4092 Curriculum & Policies Yes
Suzie Weisband Associate Professor, Management Information Systems 2022 Eller College of Management 621-2748 Academic Programs Chair Yes

* The UGC Chair votes only in the event of a tie at full Council.

1Faculty Senate Representative

Undergraduate Council - Non-voting Members

Member Title Represents Phone email Supports
Fabian Alfie Professor, French and Italian Faculty Senate 621-5559 Full Council
Roxie Catts Director Advising Resource Center 626-7988 Curriculum & Policies
Carmin Chan Director, Online Student Success Online, Distance, and Continuing Education 621-5320 Full Council
Greg Heileman Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education Academic Administration 621-6688 Rotates
Melanie Madden Program Manager Curricular Affairs Academic Programs
Liz Sandoval Manager, Curricular Affairs Curricular Affairs 621-5375 Academic Programs
Abbie Sorg Assistant Registrar Office of the Registrar 621-8492 Curriculum & Policies
Alex Underwood University Registrar  Office of the Registrar 626-4822 Curriculum & Policies