UGC Agenda – September 7 2021

Held online via Zoom:

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Guiding Principles of UGC Membership
  3. Reports:
    1. Academic Administration Report - Greg Heileman, Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education
    2. Academic Initiatives & Student Success Report – Distance/Online/Continuing/Community Education – Craig Wilson, Vice Provost, Online and Distance Education
    3. Advising Resource Center/ Advising Community Report – Roxie Catts, Director
    4. Registrar's Report - Alex Underwood, Registrar
    5. University-wide General Education Committee Report – Joan Curry, UWGEC Chair
    6. UGC Report: Accomplishments in AY 2020-2021 and plans for AY 2021-2022 — Molly Bolger, Chair
    7. Subcommittee selection (Roles/Responsibilities):
      1. Academic Programs – Suzie Weisband, Chair
        1. The Academic Programs Subcommittee deals with the creation, deletion, suspension or modification of undergraduate academic majors, options, minors, degrees, certificates, and programs of study.
      2. Curriculum & Policies – Claudia Stanescu, Chair
        1. The Curriculum/Policies Subcommittee deals with undergraduate curriculum and academic policies recorded in the UA General Catalog, including creation, revision, and deletion of academic policies pertinent to instruction, majors, options, minors, degrees, transfer credits, general education, academic progress, and requirements for graduation
  4. Consent Agenda Items
    1. Modification to the BS in Public Health
    2. Modification to the Undergrad Cert in Games and Simulation
    3. New Proposal: Minor in Environmental and Occupational Health
  5. Items for Discussion and Vote:
  6. Meeting Adjournment