Non-Academic Fees List


These fees are approved by the institution and not the Arizona Board of Regents. Visit the Mandatory and Student Fees websites for more information on other types of fees. This list is not final, we will continue to update it throughout the year.

Academic Initiatives & Student Success Freshman Student Services Fee $20 Tutoring & welcome activities specific to AISS services
Arizona Center for Judaic Studies ACJS Exam Fee $30 Hebrew credit-by-exam and proficiency exam
Bursars Office Late Payment Fee $50 Encourage students to enroll before class cancellation & first day of classes
Bursars Office Tuition Payment Plan Fee $75 Enrollment to tuition installment plan
Bursars Office Unpaid Tuition Fine $125 Used to encourage payment of tuition
Bursars Office Unpaid Balance Fine 1.5% of unpaid balance Monthly fine to encourage students to pay their bills by the due date
Bursars Office Return Check Fine $25 Fine for the administrative cost of processing a returned check
College of Medicine Disability Insurance $24 Covers disability insurance for medical students
College of Medicine Application Fee $75 Covers the cost of maintenance and processing of application
College of Medicine Second-Year Medical Student Fee $80 Offset cost of educational practice assessments and educational testing bank
Dean of Students Diversion Enrollment Fee $100 Diversion program w/UAPD & Pima County Attorney’s Office
Dean of Students Fraternity & Sorority Programs $30 Greek Auxiliary Membership Fee
Department of Mathematics Textbook Fee $125 Replacement and/or administrative costs for lost or non-returned books
Enrollment Management International Admission – Application Fee $85 Application Fee to cover administrative costs
Eller College of Management Undergraduate Program – Administrative Fee $10 Administration & printing of Strong Interest Inventory
Eller College of Management Professional Admissions Fee $55 Professional Admissions, Management and Development
Eller College of Management Admissions-Application Fee $65 Recruitment of non-resident undergraduates
Eller College of Management Admissions-Instant Access Fee for Transfer Students $20 “On the spot” admission decisions for transfer students
Eller College of Management Admissions-SALT Center $150 Student & parent participation in SALT orientation
Eller College of Management Late Application Processing Fee $50 For college or department requests that complete undergraduate applications, be accepted for term after deadline
Financial Services Office Cat Card Fee $25 Charge for new Cat Cards (when not paid as part of another fee, such as the enrollment fee) and each replacement Cat Card
College of Nursing Commitment Deposit $100 Non-refundable commitment deposit for students accepting admission to PhD and DNP programs
Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Temporary Loan Fee $25 Charge for the administrative cost of processing a temp loan
Office of the Registrar Transcript Fee $15 $15 over-the-counter transcripts, $10 online orders, $2 unofficial transcripts
Office of the Registrar Grad Degree Candidacy $35 Final degree audit & diploma production & distribution
Office of the Registrar Undergraduate Candidacy $50 Undergraduate graduation services
Office of the Registrar Undergraduate Late Application to Candidacy $50 Late penalty for students who do not meet the deadline for application to degree candidacy
Residence Life Community Living Workshops Fee $50 Optional Residential education workshops
Residence Life Behavioral Education Fee $75 Behavioral Education Fee is used for guidance on proper behavior on community living
Residence Life Overdue Sanction Fee $75 Sanction for late payment of dorm residence
Student Engagement & Career Development Wildcat Way Forward - Application Fee $150 Covers supplies and materials for program participants, wages for peer mentors assigned to support participants/student interns, and any event expenses associated with the WWF program.
 Tests - Multiple Overdue Sanction Fee Various CLEP, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MAT, MCAT, MPRE, SAT & more
The Department of Linguistics Exam Fee $100 Language Exams to establish second-year proficiency in a language not taught on campus
UA Global International Student Fee $200 Assessed to students in order for UA to maintain compliance with Federally Mandated SEVIS System and additional administrative and professional support
UA Global International Student Compliance Fee

$125 UG

$75 G

Legacy fee for international orientation; fee assessed to Non-Degree seeking students only
UA Global International Sponsored Students Fee $500 or 600 Administrative Fee charged to agency or government sponsor - Fee is not charged to students
University Libraries Annual Business Card $100 Purchase & process microfilming of student theses
University Libraries Annual Business Card Renewal $40 Renewal of library cards for non-UA affiliated community members
University Libraries Dissertations $75 Purchase & process microfilming of student theses
University Libraries Lost Books $100 The average replacement cost of lost books & processing fee
University Libraries Service Charges $35 AIST Billing Charge
University Libraries Service Charges $25 Lost/Missing Book Processing
University Libraries Service Charges $8/sq ft DDT Large Format Printing
University Libraries Service Charges $20 DDT High-Resolution Scans
University Libraries Service Charges $29 DDT PowerPoint Scan
University Libraries Service Charges $25 DDT A/V Production
University Libraries Service Charges $75 DCCP High-Resolution Scans