Course Fees - Information for Faculty & Staff

There is currently a moratorium on new academic fees or changes to existing academic fees during the current cycle for introduction in AY23‐24. The information below is null.

Course Fee Request Deadlines 2023-2024

All Course Fees

Summer & Fall 2023, Spring 2024

December 1, 2022

Course and Fee Management Access

1.No requests will be considered after the deadline date shown above.

Course Fee Proposal Forms

The ABOR form needs to be completed and attached to the UAccess request. If you submit the online request without this attachment, you must email a completed copy to the University Fees Manager.

Path to UAccess request: UAccess Student> Navigator> Curriculum Management> UA Curriculum Management> UA Course Fee Management> SELECT FORM. To start the path, click on the UAccess link below.


ABOR Form for NEW Class Fee Requests

ABOR Form for CHANGE to Existing Class Fee Requests

Preparation Documents for Initiator

The below documents helps the initiator get access to and collect the data needed to submit the UAccess CF Request form. These are not the actual request forms, the request is completed on UAccess Student, and with the ABOR forms.

Initiator Instructions for Course Fee Workflow Process

Course Fee Add

Course Fee Modify

Course Fee Delete