Guidelines for Creating New Academic Units

The creation, modification, and disestablishment of academic units require external approval by ABOR and on-campus review and approvals by college and university faculty and administration prior to implementation. The review process may take anywhere from six months to a year to complete and is described below in the visual.  

Actions requiring approval prior to implementation include:

  • Creation or disestablishment of an academic unit (e.g., college, school, department, division, or other academic unit)

  • Academic unit name change

  • Transfer of an academic unit from one college to another

  • Merger of two or more academic units

Guidelines for Creating New Academic Units

  1. Provide information regarding the proposed new academic unit following the New Academic Units Implementation Request.
  2. Obtain signatures of the unit head/unit curriculum committee and the college dean/college curriculum committee. In some situations signatures of more than one unit head and/or college dean may be required.
  3. Obtain documentation indicating support for the new program from unit heads/college deans to use resources (i.e., courses, faculty, space, etc.) allocated to another unit.
  4. Obtain documentation indicating support for the new unit from units/colleges that have academic units with similar or overlapping missions/objectives as the proposed new unit.
  5. Complete the Budget Projection Form following the Budget Projection Instructions.
  6. Forward the completed documents to The Office of Curricular Affairs (Curricular Affairs). 


The following approvals are required for new academic programs and academic units prior to implementation:
Unit Head/Unit Curriculum Committee
College Dean/College Curriculum Committee
Curricular Affairs/Graduate College
Provost Council
Faculty Senate Executive Committee
Faculty Senate

NOTE: Requests to implement or change an academic program or unit that was not previously submitted for inclusion in an approved Academic Strategic Plan may be considered by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not the program or unit merits an exception to the standard Academic Strategic Plan approval process.


Requesting Academic Unit Name Change

To request an academic unit name change, send a memo addressed to Curricular Affairs. Include the current and proposed name and justification for the name change. Memo must be signed by the department/unit head and college dean.

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