Guidelines for the Management of Academic Units

Requests for the creation, modification, or disestablishment of one or more academic units requires review and approval from multiple parties before implementation. The review process may take from six months to a year to complete and is described below.

The following actions must be approved prior to implementation:

  • Creation or disestablishment of an academic unit (e.g., college, school, department, division, or another academic unit)
  • Academic unit name change
  • Transfer of an academic unit from one college to another
  • Merger of two or more academic units

Steps for Creating New Academic Units

1. Use the New Academic Units Implementation Request to provide information regarding the new academic unit.

2. Obtain signatures from the following parties (In some situations, signatures of more than one unit head and/or college dean may be required.):

     a. Unit Head / Unit Curriculum Committee

     b. College Dean / College Curriculum Committee

3. Obtain documentation indicating support for the new academic unit from Unit Heads / College Deans to use resources (i.e., courses, faculty space etc.) that have been allocated to another unit.

4. Obtain documentation indicating support for the new academic unit from units / colleges with similar or overlapping missions / objectives as the proposed new academic unit.

5. Use the Budget Projection Instructions to fill out the Budget Projection Form.

6. Forward the completed documents to The Office of Curricular Affairs.


Steps for Requesting Academic Unit Name Change

To request an academic unit name change, send a memo addressed to The Office of Curricular Affairs. Include the current and proposed name and justification for the name change. The request must also include the last valid academic term for the old name and first term effective for the new name. Memo must be signed by the department/unit head and college dean.

Name changes are not entered into the UAccess Academic Plan tables until July 1 of the year the request was approved. This is in accordance with federal and state reporting practices. The use of a new name is not permitted until all committees have recommended approval and the name change request is sent to ABOR for review and approval.

Steps for Disestablishing/Merging Academic Unit(s)

To request the disestablishment of an academic unit, please compose a memo that includes the geographic sites and campuses where programs belonging to the unit are offered; rationale behind disestablishing the unit; how the unit’s resources will be allocated (i.e., faculty and staff positions, infrastructure, enrolled students, etc.); and the last term of operation. Memo must be signed by the department/unit head and college dean.

Steps for Merging Academic Unit(s) or the Transfer of an Academic Program From one Unit to Another

To request an academic unit merger or the transfer of one academic program from one unit to another, send a memo addressed to The Office of Curricular Affairs. The memo must include details on what unit or specific programs are being moved; the geographic site/campuses/locations where the program(s)/unit(s) is/are offered; the instructional modalities of courses offered by the unit; the rationale behind transferring the unit/program; finance and course plan (i.e., a list of courses, faculty, and budget items that will be included or are part of the transfer); a plan for the transfer of student enrollments; and the effective term for the requested changes. Memo must be signed by the department/unit heads involved and college dean.


Review and Approval Process

Once a request has been made, the following parties/committees will review and make recommendations for approval to ABOR (committees only meet August-May):

  • Unit Head / Unit Curriculum Committee
  • Graduate College (if applicable)
  • Faculty Senate

The Office of Curricular Affairs manages the routing and review process for all committees involved. They will be the entity that communicates with committee chairs and staff to manage the review process. The Office of Curricular Affairs communicates the final results of the review and approval process with proposers.

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NOTE: Requests to implement or change an academic program or unit that were not previously submitted for inclusion in an approved Academic Strategic Plan may be considered by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the program or unit merits an exception to the standard Academic Strategic Plan approval process.