Graduate Dual Degrees Approval Process

Graduate Dual Degrees Approval Process

Dual degrees are formal programs that result in the awarding of two degrees. Typically there is some overlap so that the total number of units required is reduced. For example, the Juris Doctor and M.B.A. dual degrees reduce the time to completion of both degrees from five to four years; the M.B.A. and Masters of International Management (MIM at Thunderbird) dual degrees reduce the completion of both programs from four to two-and-a-half years. Dual degrees must be approved by the Graduate College prior to advertising and/or admitting students to dual degrees.

Currently Approved Graduate Dual Degrees

Students cannot ‘invent’ their own dual degrees, but they may take a concurrent or second degree, sometimes called double degrees. Concurrent or second degrees are when a student enrolls in two programs, either concurrently or sequentially. There does not have to be formal approval by the Graduate College that links concurrent or second degrees. For example, a student may earn a M.B.A. degree and then decide to pursue a M.Ed degree. If some course work can legitimately apply to both degrees, students may ‘double count’ up to 20% of the required coursework (i.e., 6 hrs for a 30 hour master’s degree).

Units planning to create new graduate dual degrees should contact Maggie Pitts, Associate Dean, Graduate College.

The following approvals are required before announcing or implementing graduate dual degrees:

Graduate College