Curricular Updates, depending on the level of change, may be categorized as either standard or substantial.

Curricular Affairs manages the approval process for Undergraduate and Graduate substantial updates, which include one or more of the following changes to a major, minor, certificate, or emphasis, as applicable:

  • Change to General Education or Foundation requirements 
  • Creation or removal of a pre-major
  • An increase or decrease of 20% or more of units required to complete the program
  • Change of 20% or more of required coursework in the program

Contact Curricular Affairs with any questions or if you are uncertain whether your curricular updates meet this threshold. See the Undergraduate Proposal Approval Table and Graduate Proposal Approval Table for appropriate forms and approvals needed. 

Undergraduate standard updates are called for annually, and managed through Office of the Registrar. See the following resources: Curricular Updates Business Process Guide, and Curricular Updates Process Walkthrough Video

Graduate standard updates are managed through the Graduate College. [Further information and resources to be added soon. In the meantime, please contact Curricular Affairs]